Cafe Series: Soul for a Seoulmate

Cafe Series: Soul for a Seoulmate

For this week’s café, we decided to have a look at Seoulmate, a Korean themed café located at the peak at Gmall! The café itself is not that big. There are a moderate amount of seats available; and it usually doesn’t get too full.

Since it’s a Korean themed café, the music they play there is kpop, however, the volume is low enough to be not too distracting. The seats are pretty comfy, with a few outlets here and there. If you ever plan on studying, try considering Seoulmate.

At the back, there is what I would like to call, “The romantic zone”. Here, instead of sitting on chairs like normal people do, you sit on pillows. Perfect for cozying up next to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Another interesting thing is that you can find the decorations just at the department store!

What you can’t find at the department store, however, are the variety of board games available for free. Some are Korean, others are just board games. Our favorite is the one where you poke a man in a barrel. It’s similar to a game of russian roulette. Except, instead of a revolver, you get to stick swords in a man in a barrel. And, instead of a gun firing, you get a small man launching in the air. It’s quite the suspenseful game; I highly recommend. If you’re some loser who dislikes board games, then there are some hats, and the like there too. If you don’t like any of these, then you’re a loser who can’t enjoy life. Just kidding.

Boardgames aren’t the only reason you go to a cafe though. You can order a variety of delicious Korean themed food, such as bulgogi or bibimbap, or our favorite, ramen!

If you don’t like  However, where they have a “WOW SO COOL” factor is the fact that the drinks they serve have some cotton candy on top.

This makes Seoulmate instantly Instagram worthy; aside from the aesthetics though. They have drinks such as smoothies, and their frappes entitled “Iceccinos” both of which come in a variety of delicious flavors.

The “Citrus” smoothie that I tried; that of course came with cotton candy on top, wasn’t too sweet, and wasn’t too sour either and has a good “mixed citrus flavor”. I would say that their iceccinos are average for what they are.

Need a good place to relax, or have fun? Try checking Seoulmate on Facebook for more updates.

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